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Life being life, best laid plans may go out the window.
Know what happens and what to do when they do, right here.

There’s currently no manual or ‘system’ means of making amendments to an order from your account.
We have this pencilled in for next development stage, but in the meantime here are some very workable workarounds:

You want to make a quantity change

  • If the quantity is higher and the item price is the same:
    — Keep the order as is
    — Simply submit a new order for the additional quantity
    — It won’t hurt to let the supplier know you’ve done this!
  • If the quantity is lower and the item price is the same:
    — Keep the order as is
    — Ask the supplier if they’d be willing to refund you for the difference
  • If the quantity change request puts the item price into a new pricing bracket:
    — Contact the supplier and see what they can do for you

You want to change delivery address

  • If the new address delivery rate is higher:
    — There may be a price difference that the supplier would need you to pay for over the phone
  • If the new address delivery rate is lower:
    — Check with the supplier what the new rate would be and go from there

You want to cancel one or more items on the order

Please note, any item cancellation is subject to the Cancellation Policy in place on the order when you booked.
Don’t assume that cancellations are easy to accommodate, as the supplier may well have lost the opportunity to rent to another customer while the item was being held for you! That being said, you can always reach out to see if they’re feeling kind hearted:
— Keep the order as is
— Contact the supplier with your request

The Supazaar Cancellation Policy determines the conditions under which both parties, you and the supplier, are due refund or recompense should either party cancel a part of all of an order.
Within the world of rentals, cancellation policies are the conditions under which a supplier will return (or doesn’t return) payment to a customer upon the customer cancelling all or part of their order. Cancellation policies protect suppliers in the event of unexpected customer cancellations.
Each listing on Supazaar has a cancellation policy, chosen by the supplier from a pre-determined selection we offer them. We strongly recommend reviewing the cancellation policy before submitting a booking. You must agree to the supplier cancellation policy when submitting a booking request.

Life is life, but fair’s fair.

There’s inherent risk in any rental operation. An order cancelled can mean a double loss for the supplier, as their hire item was listed as unavailable to other customers for those dates. A cancellation policy is therefore sensible and necessary.
There are however examples out there where, one could argue, customers are being trapped and exploited through small print cancellation policies that are inflexible and unfair.
A supplier should never be left high and dry without recompense. Neither should the customer.
Supazaar fully supports the rights of both parties to be informed and protected in as fair and transparent a means as possible. To that end, we have established a structured framework within our platform that all parties must adhere to, that is:

  • A predetermined set of payment and cancellation policy options each and every supplier must choose from
  • The documentation of those policies in place at time of booking confirmation for easy reference
  • A transparent process where no order can be placed without the customer agreeing to the supplier T&Cs, including the cancellation policy attached to the item(s) they wish to book

On any item page you browse, you’ll see located next to the Quantity adjuster an associated Payment and Cancellation Policy.
Clicking on the displayed link for each will open a window to reveal the detail of the given policy.
The policies are selected by the supplier to represent their rental terms on their Supazaar store and it’s these policies that determine when you are charged and what to expect on cancellation, i.e. your refund rights.
Please refer to the Payment and Cancellation Policy in place for specific policy information.

Yes they can. However, know that when an order is submitted and subsequently confirmed, the Cancellation and Payment policies in place at the time of order are fixed, recorded and must be honoured by both parties, not least the supplier.

At checkout it states that by clicking Order Now and submitting your booking, you agree to our Terms, under which is held our Cancellation Policy that in turn governs the selected Cancellation and Payment Policies in place on your order.

Should your booking contain orders from multiple suppliers, there could be several different policies in place.
This all sounds like it could become rather complicated: fear not, Supazaar keeps it simple for both parties.
Though your order goes ‘as one’, after confirmation, we individualise each part of the booing back into individual orders by supplier. You’ll see this on your Orders page, and this way you can isolate and see what Cancellation policy is in place for each supplier. Ta da!

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Open your account menu [click on your name top right]
  3. Select Orders
  4. Select the order in question by clicking its order number and opening its order page
  5. Click Cancel order in the Order section [top left]
  6. You will be asked to select a reason for cancellation, then click on Cancel this order
  7. All parties will receive email notification

You can cancel an order before it has been confirmed by the supplier, at no cost.
Once an order booking has been confirmed, cancellation is subject to the Cancellation policy in place at time of order.
You’ll be required to state your reason for cancellation which will be noted on the cancellation notification email.
Any credit or debit payment will be automatically exacted upon cancellation via your payment method on the order.
Any amount PAID or REFUNDED will then be displayed on the order page and on your payment history view.

Suppliers have up to 24 hours to either confirm or decline a booking when you submit an order through Supazaar.
If the Supplier declines your booking, or the booking goes unconfirmed within 24 hours, the order will be cancelled by Supazaar and all parties notified by email. No charge will be made to your payment method.
In the unfortunate event of your booking being cancelled by a supplier after they’ve confirmed, you will be due a refund in full for any monies already paid out, including any delivery charges.

We ask both parties to select their reason for cancellation from a given list.
This is then registered in the email notifications sent out to all parties upon a cancellation and can be tracked should there be an issue needing resolution.

This relates to split payment orders, determined by the Payment Policy in place at order confirmation.
There are certain scenarios that can prevent us taking the Balance Due payment, which may in turn cause order cancellation.
We will attempt to take payment every other day for 7 days from the first date the payment is due.
Should we be unsuccessful, the following applies based on the Supazaar Cancellation Policy:

Supplier’s fault:
If we determine payment was unable to be taken due to an issue stemming from the supplier’s side, the supplier will be deemed liable and the customer issued a full refund of any monies paid out.
The Supazaar fee will not be refunded to the supplier.

Customer’s fault:
If we determine payment was unable to be taken due to an issue stemming from the customer’s side, the customer will be deemed liable and the supplier’s Cancellation Policy will take effect.

System error:
If we determine payment was unable to be taken due to an issue stemming from an error within the Supazaar platform, a full refund of any monies paid to the customer.

In the rare instance where extenuating circumstances arise, you may need to cancel a confirmed booking.
In this instance, Supazaar may override the supplier’s cancellation policy and make refund decisions.
Such cases must be dealt with via our resolution centre and will always be contingent on proper documentation being presented, where valid, and include:

  • There's a death in the customer’s family
  • The customer has a serious illness or there's a serious illness in their family
  • A natural disaster has befallen the event / production / exhibition / retail venue
  • The customer has jury duty or other similar civil obligation that has led to cancellation of plans
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