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Learn how delivery works on Supazaar.

When a supplier partners with Supazaar, we require them to pre-set if they deliver, where they’ll deliver to and the associated cost.

After all, you need to know this important information and you can’t checkout without it!

  • To view delivery rates for a selected item, input a postcode via the Filter menu and enter your hire dates
  • If you are booking multiple items from different suppliers, the combined final delivery cost is only ever viewable at checkout
  • Should you wish to change delivery address at checkout, you can do - a revised delivery rate may or may not need to be re-calculated and there’s always the chance that the supplier can’t deliver to the new location

You can view additional delivery information - that is above and beyond rate - on the item page in the Supplier Terms section.
On the item page, under the item title, click on Delivery Info to be taken to this section.
If you see an item page without any additional delivery info, please let us know!

Our supplier delivers and collects curbside: meaning, there's no obligation to take the rental item(s) to a place or position of your choosing beyond a short distance from their vehicle. The supplier will usually expect help when unloading if necessary, likewise on the collection leg.
If you're unsure, please check the supplier's delivery info on the rental item's page or contact us for clarification.
Take note - supplier's generally offer this option to save you money. So if you choose this delivery rate but expect them to do some legwork on arrival instead of having your own manpower, expect them to charge you the difference!

Wet hire is a service that includes delivery, installation and removal of the item(s) by the supplier.
A wet hire rental may or may not also come with an accompanying operator or staff.
We advise you to check the supplier’s T&Cs and /or delivery notes for further detail.
You can also contact the supplier directly from any item listing page they have to enquire further.

The delivery driver waits at your venue / delivery address after you’ve taken possession of your booking until you’re done with it.
This delivery option comes only with dry or wet hire and only by select suppliers to be able to offer you a lower rate at checkout.
The most common examples would be events that last for 3 - 4 hours or less; however, please note that selecting this option will almost certainly require the supplier to confirm with you directly on the timeline of your ‘do’.

Essentially, this will relate to cost of travel.
With a serviced hire, the rental is understood to come manned, so as to properly set-up, remove and often operate the item.
Examples being photo booth hire, food trucks or marquee hires. While this (wet hire) charge is included in the item hire price, the cost of travel can be an additional charge subject to location.

Suppliers may offer the sole or additional option of collecting the rental in person.
This will implicitly mean you are also responsible for the return on the agreed date.
On arrival, you should expect the supplier to request the following:

  • A valid form of photo ID, e.g. passport or driver’s license
  • A print-out or mobile view of your order
  • Valid insurance documentation
  • A vehicle fit for purpose including means of securing the item(s) safely if necessary

We advise you to check the supplier’s T&Cs and /or delivery notes for further detail.
You can also contact the supplier directly from any item listing page they have if you’re unsure.

Payment timeframes are subject to the individual supplier payment policy setting, which you can view on each item listing.
If the supplier’s payment policy is 100% payment at checkout, then no matter when you book the rental, any associated delivery rates are included in the order total to be paid there and then.
If the supplier’s payment policy is either 20/80 or 50/50, then they facilitate split payment (subject to hire start date); in which case, you only ever pay for applied delivery charges on the second payment (balance due date) which would be taken 30 days before the hire start date.
The general rule of thumb is this: should you order up to 30 days before the hire start date, then any delivery cost will be taken at checkout.

If the booking is cancelled before the rental item has been dispatched, then any paid delivery charges should be refunded by the supplier in full.
Delivery charges are not subject to the same cancellation policies as rental items are, so long as the above condition is satisfied, i.e. cancellation before dispatch. However, the agreement in place is between you and the supplier, so please check their T&Cs before ordering.

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