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General Troubleshooting

Issues getting started, technical bother...the answer may lie here.

Failure to log in usually means one or both of the account email and password are incorrect.

Email address: To check you have the correct account email address, search your inbox for messages from Supazaar.

Password: Check if caps lock is active on your keyboard.
Should you be unsure of your password, simply reset it.
Instructions on how to do this are found under the How do I reset my password section below.

Failing the above:

  • make sure your internet connection / Wifi is working ok by loading another Website
  • refresh your browser window
  • shut down your browser then re-open it
  • re-load Supazaar in the address bar and attempt log in as usual
  • Clear your browser cache

Should you still be unable to log in after taking these steps, check the technical issues section before you contact us.

If you didn’t receive an expected email notification from us, there are a few different steps you can try to figure out the issue.

Email address: Go to your account > profile to check your email address is correct

Junk or spam email folder: It's possible your email provider mistakenly sent our messages to your spam or junk folder.
If so, and to avoid this happening again, do the following:

  • Remove Supazaar messages from your spam list (select not spam or similar command).
  • Add,,, to your personal email address book.

Email filters: If you have other filters or rules in your email account that may have sorted Supazaar emails elsewhere, be sure to check those, too.

Mailbox full: Send the email address in question an email. If this doesn’t appear also, your mailbox could be full or there could be an issue with your service provider.

  1. Click on Log in
  2. Click on Forgotten? in the password field
  3. Enter your account email address and click on Send me reset password instructions
  4. We’ll do just that
  5. If you don’t receive the email, check your junk email just in case
  6. Still not there after say 30mins?...rinse, repeat.

  • Make sure your Internet connection / WiFi signal is all good. If unsure, check other Websites are loading and functioning as you’d expect.
  • Refresh your browser, reload Supazaar and log in.
  • If you're still experiencing technical issues, please clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache.
    Clearing your cookies and cache is a common troubleshooting step to make sure that old data isn't being stored and shown by the browser.
    If you’re thinking “say what?” just Google “how to clear your browsing history, cookies, and cache in [browser name]” and follow instruction!
  • Try connecting to Supazaar in a different browser. If the problem is browser-specific, you’ll be able to use Supazaar in another browser.
  • Adjust your proxy or firewall settings. Proxies and firewalls can sometimes interfere with Supazaar connections. If you need help configuring your firewall, consider contacting your network administrator or an IT professional.

If you’re still stuck and your blood pressure is now rising high, please contact us.

For the best experience, we suggest using Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox.
Make sure to use the most up-to-date version, which will provide you with a faster, more secure online experience.
Newer browsers also support a wider range of designs and features than older browsers.
We often can't provide technical support if you're using an outdated browser, sorry!

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