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Once you’ve submitted a booking, you’ll want to keep track of it right?
Supazaar has a special place in its heart, just for this very purpose.

Glad you asked, as this suggests you’ve both submitted a booking and are in need of help, so here you go:

  • Log in and open your account menu [top right]
  • Select Orders
  • Lo and behold, you’ll have an orders overview page with Order and Payment status tags displayed

Suppliers are given up to 24hours to confirm or decline your booking.
Naturally, we hope they’ll confirm within an hour or so!
Only on confirmation will your payment be released.
Once confirmed, you’ll be notified by email and the Order status tag will change from unconfirmed to unfulfilled.
If your order is declined by the Supplier (booo), the Order status will be updated to Declined.
If a Supplier fails to confirm within 24hrs, we automatically cancel the order and the status will be updated to Cancelled.

To view an order in detail, simply click on the order number on the orders overview page.
Here you’ll be able to view order details, supplier details and order history.

The payment status of an order is automatically given by our payments system.
The status display will update whenever a payment action is taken on an order. It is not manually adjustable.
Check out our nifty document that explains what each display means:
Payment Status

Check out our nifty document that explains what each status display means:
Order Status

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll be notified by email and the Order status tag will change from unconfirmed to unfulfilled.
Each change to the Order status display is then determined by actions taken by the supplier, e.g. order dispatched.
Each time the supplier changes the Order status, you’ll be notified by email.

The most important Order status tag is Fulfilled. Here’s why:
Due to the nature of rental, your payment method details are held against any active booking. The supplier updating the order status to ‘Fulfilled’ releases the customer’s payment method associated with the order. This is where everyone wants to get to: a successfully rental finds closure.
If the order is returned damaged or is lost or not returned and you have an active security deposit amount against the order, the supplier is within their rights to not change the status until the issue is resolved.

Once an order has been submitted, the complete details of a given order are viewable from your Orders page.
This includes contact details for the supplier you’ve booked items from
To view, simply open an order from the Orders page and click on the Supplier Details tab.

You can send a quick email to a given Supplier from your Orders page:

  • on the far right of your orders page, you’ll see a column titled Options
  • click on the menu icon (3 small circles) and then click on Contact Supplier

You can also view Supplier contact details on the individual order page > Supplier Details

If you have successfully returned and completed a rental booking, and you do not receive an email notification informing your Order status has been updated to Fulfilled or you find yourself unable to remove or delete your payment method from your account, it most likely means the Supplier has either failed to update the status [they may have forgotten as it’s a manual task].
In this instance, we recommend you contact the supplier and request they update your Order status asap!
Alternatively, no update could be due to an issue with the return or non return and they need to resolve this with you; in which case the Supplier should get in touch with you within 48hrs of the hire end date.
Please contact us if you do not hear from the Supplier after 48hrs and they have also not responded to you contacting them.

Need your order invoice? No problem.

Simply access and print your up-to-date invoice via your Supazaar account, not just for every order but for each payment made on that order! You’re welcome.

Ok, here’s how:

  • Login to your account
  • Open your account menu [click top right profile icon]
  • Select ‘Orders’
  • Click on the Order number
  • Click on the ‘Invoice’ tab
  • Select ‘View’ to open and print or download the invoice

Please note: except for balance due payments, which are auto-scheduled on our payments system, any additional ‘manual’ payments taken after your order has been confirmed will not appear on the given invoice. Instead, for these payments you should receive an email receipt for your records.

When there is no VAT detailed on your order, it is because the supplier you have booked with is not VAT registered.
Pricing on Supazaar always includes VAT where applicable.

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