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Rental refunds are primarily ruled by a cancellation policy.
But not always! This way Ladies and Gentlemen.

Rental refunds for an item or entire order are primarily subject to the Cancellation policy in place when you booked.
However, if a supplier cancels your order, you will always be due a refund in full.

There may be occasions when a supplier needs to make a refund on a card transaction for hire purchases made.
This should only ever be done using the card that was used for the original transaction.
N.B. When providing refunds, suppliers are always advised by us not to give a cash or cheque refund as this is a common method used by fraudsters to appropriate cash from the card.

Both part refunds and refunds in full, given for instance when a supplier cancels a previously confirmed order, are automatically calculated and actioned to the same payment method you used to make the order on Supazaar. Allow for up to 7-10 business days, dependant on your bank.

If the refund has still not arrived after this pretty severe timeline, we suggest the following:

  • Check with your bank for any payments due that aren’t yet displayed on your account
  • Check in with the supplier/Supazaar and ask that they/we confirm whether or not the payment has been processed
  • Contact us for assistance via our Resolution centre if you’re having an ongoing issue with the supplier

“The system says no!”, is not where we want to be. There’s enough misery in this world as there is. We need hope. You need hope.
Rental cancellation policies are not primarily in place to penalise you, it’s just the nature of rentals and the supplier needs some surety and security.
That being said, if your plans go belly up, reach out and ask. Most of the suppliers we’ve met are decent folk who may well take sympathy on you if you’re being genuine.

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