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Security Deposits

Suppliers need protection. So too the customer.
Learn about how we work this into the Supazaar experience.

The security deposit is a pre-determined amount that secures a rental item against damage, loss or non-return.
It can be a fixed amount or variable, meaning calculated by number of the same item selected for hire.
E.g. the supplier gives a variable security deposit amount of £10 on a chair, and you select 4 chairs, the security deposit is £40.

When a booking is accepted, the security deposit details and customer’s payment information are stored.
No charges or authorisations will be made to your payment method unless the supplier needs to make a claim.
After the hire period end date, if there’s an issue:

  • We expect the supplier to immediately bring any issue to the customer’s attention on collection or return of the item
  • Should a dispute ensue, the supplier has 48 hours after the return date to make a claim against the security deposit amount
  • If a claim is made, Supazaar will mediate and collect payment from the customer, as necessary.
    This payment may be in part or in full, subject to the proven extent of damage or loss.

We give suppliers the option to include a security deposit amount on each of their rental listings.
If their rental item comes with a security deposit, the amount given will be clearly displayed on the item listing page for your consideration.

This scenario may occur if the supplier’s preference is not to use Supazaar but to handle security deposits directly themselves.
This is standard practice for many suppliers within the realm of their standalone rental operation.
However, should anyone ever ask you for payment over the phone, we advise the following:

  • They must be able to confirm the order details, e.g. order number, items, delivery address etc.
  • They should confirm in writing that the amount taken is a security deposit only and is a returnable/refundable amount
  • They should confirm if they actually take payment from your account or simply authorise a payment against your card
  • If unsure, ask for their name and number and tell them you’ll ring back as you haven’t got your card details on you - this buys you time to double-check they’re bona fide
  • If you’re still unsure, please contact us and we’ll provide all the assistance we can

N.B. when any payment is taken outside of our platform, we are unable to protect either party or take any responsibility should there be an issue.

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